About Us

Who We Are

Aarons Pianos is an authorised YAMAHA & Baldwin dealer. Located in Annandale, a beautiful and idyllic suburb close to Sydney CBD, our store carries quality new and used pianos, as well as digital pianos. In addition, we have been providing our customers with affordable prices and the highest level of customer service. Our friendly staff are always happy to assist you in selecting the piano that is right for you and your family.

We offer starter pianos to concert quality grand pianos, plus the full line of award winning Clavinova digital pianos and Arius pianos. Our pianos are manufactured by YAMAHA, one of the most prestigious instrument brand throughout the world, and Baldwin, the top piano brand in the United States. Specifically, we have Yamaha piano and keyboards, Baldwin piano, grand & upright piano, electric piano, digital piano & keyboards, second hand piano for sale, also we provide private piano lessons and piano tuning service where you could get professional instructions from our experienced and highly qualified staff. It would be easy to get to our store if you live in surrounding suburbs such as Annandale, Ashfield, Summer Hill, Lewisham, Petersham, Stanmore, Newtown, Leichhardt, Macdonaldtown, Redfern etc.

Our Mission

Simply put: Quality, Value, Service.

These three words make up the foundation that our store was built upon, a music store established for the people who are chasing their music dreams. We firmly believe that piano is a powerful musical instrument to lighten up our life, a unique way to find spiritual peace, an ideal pathway to personal achievement, and also a good friend that will last for decades.

Our list of customers is impressive and ranges from distinguished musical legends to the public music lovers. Parents will find our knowledgeable sales staff friendly and helpful while looking for the perfect starter instrument for their children. It is our belief that the piano is both an artistic and intellectual tool of human development—capable of tapping into many talents and abilities that range beyond just the musical. These principles guide us as we strive to musically and intellectually enrich the human mind.

Our Team

Aarons Pianos is unique and special. It is more than just another local music shop. Young and talented musicians compose this extremely passionate team. Run by actual musicians and experienced technicians, our store is capable of providing professional suggestions regarding to buying pianos, piano lessons and other piano services.

Our piano tutors are professional and capable of providing you with accurate knowledge, suggestions, methods and a fully in-store demonstration. Jasmine Wei and Celine Li started learning piano playing since they were 4, their international background and the experience learning abroad, Celine Li got her master of music in piano playing in Germany and Jasmine Wei is currently enrolled at the Sydney Conservatory of Music, studying with Prof. Natalia Ricci. Both of them have won numerous prizes over time, there would be no doubt that they can provide you with the best piano-learning experience.