Baldwin Pianos

At Aarons Pianos in Sydney, we stock pianos from Baldwin and YAMAHA. Both are brands known throughout the industry for designing and creating beautiful instruments that are loved by piano enthusiasts all over the world. Although we sell our Baldwin pianos in Sydney, they were created in America. The brand was founded in 1862, and, over the years they have established themselves as the creators of some of the best-sounding, and best-playing pianos available on the market. We take pride in stocking some of the finest pianos available, from leading select brands in the industry. That is why we are now one of the only Baldwin piano dealers in Sydney.

Baldwin creates their pianos in a way that is in line with our own company values of quality, value, and service. When you purchase a piano from Baldwin, you know that you are purchasing an instrument that has been made with passion. The secret to the immediately recognisable Baldwin tone lies in the materials used to craft each piano. By using only the finest materials and woods, Baldwin are able to continually produce pianos with a unique, instantly recognisable tone.

Many Baldwin pianos are handmade, which means every time a customer purchases a Baldwin piano from our Sydney store, they are getting an instrument that is completely unique to them. Hand crafted pianos have something special that factory-produced instruments don’t. They are not made by machines, or passed off from a production line, instead, they carry something of the craftsman who made them in their keys. Handmade instruments come with their own personality. In this way, your Baldwin piano will bring you joy, as you discover its particular personality, and how it likes to be played.

Baldwin pianos are perfect for those musicians who want to bring that impressive, ‘American’ sound to their performance. These pianos are known for the beautiful tones they produce, from the impressive bass, to the beautiful, clear, ‘bell-like’ quality present in the treble. Customers at Aarons Pianos love our impressive range of Baldwin pianos. There is a Baldwin to fit any price range, or specification.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these iconic instruments for your home, come speak to our talented and knowledgeable staff today. They will be able to address any queries you may have, and are well-equipped to help you decide which model is perfect for you.