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Jasmine Wei

Jasmine Wei – Piano Lessons

Jasmine began studying piano at the age of 4. She has received numerous rewards since then, including 1st Place in Singapore International Piano Festival, 1st Place in International Hong Kong Piano Competition, and 2nd Place in Guangzhou Piano Competition. She entered Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2010 and studied with Xian Jinsong and Chen Dan. She has been performing in concerts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and United Kingdom. She has also attended masterclasses where she was instructed by established pianists such as Joseph Banowetz. Jasmine has extended experience in piano tutoring. She is now enrolled at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studying with Prof. Natalia Ricci.



Celine Li

Celine Li – Piano Lessons

Celine began playing the piano at the age of 4. She enrolled at Xinghai Conservatory High School at 12, which led to her subsequent study at Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Her teachers included Prof. Li Xiao and American pianist Helen Sim. She graduated from Xinghai Conservatory as the first ranked student. Since 2005, she has been studying with Oei-Ong Wan-Ing, and attended masterclasses in Germany, including professors from renowned German universities, and French pianist and conductor Philippe Entremont. While she was studying in Germany, she performed in dozens of concerts, ranging from recitals, chamber ensemble, etc. She graduated in 2011 and was awarded Master of Music in piano playing. She has extensive experience in piano teaching.

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