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Product Description

The Yamaha U1 upright piano continues Yamaha’s tradition of providing its customers with instruments that possess superior tone, touch, and balance. Developed with the more experienced or professional musician in mind, the U1 in particular, delivers a truly unparalleled musical experience to musicians everywhere.

This truly superb instrument was developed with several outstanding features. The U1’s advanced scale design enables players to enhance the depth, clarity, and warmth of their tone. The soundboard and frame have been designed specifically to enhance the quality of the tone, as well as providing extra strength. Yamaha have redesigned the hammers to provide a truly unrivalled level of precision in the tone. The soft-close fall board ensures there is no chance of the lid causing damage to the pianist’s fingers, or slamming shut suddenly.

At Aaron’s we stock Yamaha pianos for a variety of players. Yamaha have sourced the best materials available to create an instrument that is extremely high quality. As with all their instruments, Yamaha have used the best in cutting edge technology to provide customers with an instrument that will create enjoyment and happiness for years to come. Yamaha also use the best craftspeople available to design and build their pianos. In this way, Yamaha have created a complete catalogue of pianos, with something for everyone, no matter what your play style or play style.

Feel free to contact the friendly and professional staff at Aaron’s, and we will be happy to help you find a piano that will suit your needs perfectly.

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