Aarons Pianos is proud to say that we are a suppliers of some of the best pianos available on the market today. We are an authorised dealer of both Baldwin and YAMAHA pianos. We carry both new and second hand YAMAHA pianos, and our friendly and helpful staff are always happy to help you select a piano that is right for you, as well as right within your budget. We have a huge range of instruments available for our customers to purchase. Whether you are a beginner looking for small digital piano to practice on, or a magnificent grand piano to use at your next concert, you will find it here.

At Aarons music, our customers vary almost as widely as our range of pianos. We have supplied our Baldwin and YAMAHA pianos to customers ranging from children just starting on their musical journey, to distinguished musical legends. It is the belief of our staff that the piano is an instrument perfect for self-expression. Its huge range, as well as its ability to play any type of music makes it great for those of us looking for a great way to express ourselves musically. Learning the piano is both an artistic and intellectual endeavour, and anyone who chooses to begin practicing the instrument will not be disappointed with the results.

Aarons Pianos offer classes to our customers designed specifically to make learning the piano an enjoyable endeavour. Our teachers are concerned mainly with helping students achieve an understanding and mastery of the tools they will need to better understand the piano, as well as express themselves creatively. Age is no barrier to learning, as music is something that can be enjoyed, as well as played, by anyone.

No matter what your skill level, Aarons Pianos will stock the instrument perfect for you. If your child is looking to begin their musical journey, one of our simple YAMAHA P-35 digital keyboard may be perfect for them until they are ready for a larger piano. Of course, on the other end of the musical skill spectrum we stock magnificent, beautifully crafted YAMAHA Grand Pianos like the GB1K or the GC1.
If you are interested in purchasing a piano, you want to begin lessons, or you have a query, come in and talk to our friendly and professional staff today. With years’ of experience in the industry, as well as an in-depth knowledge of our product range, they will be able to provide you with any assistance you need.